Large attendance at EBOE meeting after mask mandate announced

Published: Jul. 27, 2021 at 10:45 PM CDT
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It was a packed house at Tuesday’s Enterprise Board of Education meeting.

More than 100 parents, grandparents and others attended the meeting after the school system announced that masks would be worn to start the 2021-2022 school year.

Several spoke in opposition of the mandate.

“It seems that we are being dictated to and mandated with little to no scientific evidence to prove a mask effectiveness. What type of mask will be required? I have brought several examples,” said one parent.

Another parent added, “You say you’re here to make the best decisions for our children but that’s not your job. Your job is to provide our children with an education.”

“I lived in the state of Michigan, and we fled that state this past year because we are raising a six-year-old daughter. We fled that state because of it,” another parent stated.

“We had the privilege of the school board updating us on a new teacher orientation this past week which included several pictures of a room full of teachers and not a single mask,” another parent reasoned.

Local doctors were on hand for the superintendent and board to explain the decision to go with a mask mandate.

“Something we actually learned about in medical school is how we make those errors and how we should learn from them and not make those same mistakes again,” Dr. Beverly Jordan, MD continued. “I’m also a mother of a student inside the school system as are the other two physicians standing behind me.”

“I was seeing kids left and right being sent home from school because they were sitting beside somebody who had COVID,” said Dr. Daniel Whitaker, MD

The mandate comes as new CDC guidelines suggest students and teachers wear masks for the upcoming school year.

Enterprise City Schools superintendent says this is nothing more than an issue of safety.

“That is the only reason,” Dr. Zel Thomas said. “That is it, it has no political affiliation despite what some people may think. We’re not big government, we’re not trying to take over and mandate anything we are simply trying to take care and be good stewards and take care of our kids and provide a safe learning environment.”

Dr. Thomas says the school system will re-evaluate the decision every nine weeks.

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